Secure City Solutions (SCS) founded by industry experts; designs and develops a unique software-based communication and collaboration tools for the industrial, commercial, public safety, aerospace, and government markets.




Secure City Solutions; launches Next Generation IS2C Fleet management solution.  For further information, please contact Ms. Meaghan O'Brien.

Secure City Solutions; to take part in INTERSEC 2014.

Secure City Solutions; awarded second Soft-landing grant.

Secure City Solutions; win’s High Asset protection program



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Secure City’s Products effectively eliminate the need for most hardware while providing an integrated voice, data and video solution for stake holders and users to share information and collaborate securely.  Whether linking operations centers to field crews, business office employees, industrial operations, transportation operations (such as Airports), or public safety personnel, our products provide greater security and increased effectiveness.  

The derived benefits are many and varied and include:

·    increased performance in the areas of bandwidth usage, scalability and information assurance;

·    decreased power consumption (satisfies the “green” imperative);

·    backwards compatibility with many legacy systems;

·    integrated recording and unified system management; and,

·    many additional “application specific” attributes


Secure City Solutions products take a truly unique approach to secure communications. They are proven reliable and with such a small form factor while offered at a relatively low cost, it is exciting to see what such an imaginative product can achieve.  Retired Executive manager from United Kingdom

Secure City Solutions technologies would benefit many different types of companies such as utilities, emergency services, small and large business as well as all levels of government. It is a simple solution (not too technical where days of training are needed). And the best part, it is not a huge financial investment to make for a turnkey solution.  My recent dealings with a local utility and their lack of communication within different departments made me immediately think of Secure City Solutions.  Senior Executive from Ottawa

Powerful solution in a neat package.  Senior Executive from United States of America

The Secure City Solutions technology is well embedded in the Canadian EDGE Innovation Centres with the ability to solve complex problems for our public safety first responders.  Siva Kumar and the Secure City team continue to accelerate capabilities where they are needed.  EDGE Innovation Business Manager


SCS offers a full suite of products based on the same powerful core technology, but engineered to satisfy the requirements of specific market sectors.  While these products are generally offered as “off the shelf” applications, individualized customer requirements can be incorporated quickly within the modular and scalable architecture:  (for additional technical information click on a specific product or visit “Our products” page)

SCS-COM for Public Safety and Security command centers (strategic or deployable), police forces and first responders, Control Centers for public transportation systems

Omni-COLLABORATE for Business or Public Sector Collaboration

Omni-SHIELD for protection of high value, high risk facilities such ports and metro complexes

Omni-RECORDER for video capture and storage

Please contact Meaghan O'Brien for more information